Day: September 6, 2020

Summer is coming to an end

lou+%1OQR8apD%mLUOKOjQWe’ve gotten this far this year with gratitude that COVID has stayed away… but we’ve been extra careful and Mom has basically been sheltered in place since March.  One downside is having to cancel family gatherings.  Mom’s immune system is pretty fragile at this point.  She hates masks and anyone wearing one tends to set things off.

We’ve been experieincing a little Sundowning with increased frequency which makes for some very interesting moments.  We’ve played many of her DVDs of her favorite music to the point they will have to be replaced.

It is always a delight, however, to see Mom’s smile as she recognizes a piece of music.  Her occasional request to dance to one piece or another or lead the orchestra with her hands.

Today is a special day — it’s the 5th year anniversary of our decision to become full time caregivers… we haven’t regretted a single day.  Thanks, Mom for the opportunity to share this time with you.