May is drawing to a close….

It’s been nearly a month since our last post.  Alzheimer’s is so devastating!  Mom’s hanging in there, but we are beginning to see a greater decline in some things and yet, there’s a status quo in others.

We’ve added bed rails and extra sheets to to help us transition her in bed when needed.  As caregivers, we’ve learned new skills to help us help her… Some days are definitely harder than others.  Walking safely and for more than a few steps has become a greater challenge. She doesn’t like her new walker — and I have to admit it is a bit awkward with a longer profile than she was used to.

We’re thrilled that her hair is growing back — the “picking” has subsided even more as we eliminated another drug from her nightly “cocktail.” We might be able to style her hair in the near future without doing a comb over and get a wonderful portrait to share with family soon.

A few things that haven’t changed are her love of grilled cheese sandwiches, berries and bananas.  Her smile, her love of music, the twinkle in her eye and her gentle ways.

Every day is a great day regardless of the struggle.  Grateful for the gift of her in every day.

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