My word for the next few weeks is “aspire.”   My old Webster’s dictionary gives this definition:
1. to be ambitious (to get or do something lofty or grand); yearn  or seek after.  2. (Archaic)  to rise high; tower.

We all have aspirations and dreams. Yet, there are circumstances that may put us in a place where some of our dreams, goals and aspirations have to be put on hold for a time. The reasons are too numerous to even name.  I’ve been there.

There’s a part of me right now that is so excited… you see, today, I’m opening some of those old dusty boxes that have housed so many things for a good number of years; and I’m boldly stepping forward and dusting off a few of the old dreams and goals.  I’m looking them over and re-evaluating them.  Will they bring me happiness?  Will they allow me to be authentic?  Ah, a few can be trashed, while others revisited, revised and renewed.

I’m feeling blessed to know that I have the opportunity to reach again for dreams I thought would never present themselves again.  I felt I might have outgrown them.  Today, I learned that no, I haven’t outgrown them at all.  I’ve grown into them.

Is today your day to dust off your dreams and aspire?

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