IMG_0042There’s a beauty and peace that surrounds you when you are “filled.”  Recently here in the United States, we celebrated Thanksgiving – a day set aside for giving thanks.  While we have personally experienced lots of ups and many downs over the past couple of years, this most recent Thanksgiving was one of truly being filled — emotionally and spiritually; giving thanks and gratitude more fully and deeply.  As we shared our gratitude around the table, I was overcome with the fullness of being filled — not with food, but with so much more.

Over the past year and a half we have been blessed to find steady work, maintain our health without insurance, build friendships, extend a helping hand, teach, share, learn, give and love more fully within our family and extend that out to our circles of friendship.  We have connected with friends from long ago and renewed relationships.

There is joy and so much more to be felt when you can reach out and live it!

Take a few minutes today and renew your gratitude! Make it an everyday thing — not just an obligatory once a year event.   Be grateful for the treasures you have and even those things you don’t have, but may desire — there is often a reason that it may not be in our grasp at this moment.  Be grateful for patience and the wisdom it takes to wait. Please know that we are grateful for each of you and your gifts that you bring to our table each and every day. Our life is FILLED!


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