right now….

Consider ALL your choices today.


Back into a regular rhythm at the moment. Lots of stories around a bowl of popcorn last night. Fun to listen to and a few new stories added to the mix. He was happy to be able to share the memories of days gone by while serving in the military and have a couple of people willing to listen to them.

PT done for the time being — permission to use the stationary bike — but not recommended to use the stairs. Will have to bring the bike upstairs for him to use. Treadmill as well. Now to figure out where we can put them when the weather is unsuitable to walking outside.


What’s your default setting?  Grounded in negativity or soaring to positivity and possibilities?

Vivid dreams returned overnight. He didn’t call out, just got up, turned on the light and went back to bed. Problem resolved and no more “visitors” as he calls them. He did mention they were animals, but not menacing ones.