Take an inventory of your blessings today.  You’ll likely find a few surprises.


A couple of new projects in the works that he should be able to help with. We think he’ll be able to help us draft a design for a new ramp for the back landing to help him navigate more safely into the back yard. He and T will work on that over the course of the next couple of weeks. He’s excited about being able to refill the bird feeder from the back landing as soon as the new post and platform are in place. He’ll help put that together as well. We just need to pick up the post and cut the platform this week. It should be ready to “plant” by the end of the week.

He’s enjoying watching the flowers bloom outside in his new planter box and was really surprised to see how much the new “salad” garden had grown in the last few days. Sure brought a smile to his face. The window herb garden is starting to sprout as well. He has really missed tending to his quarter acre garden of years past.

Needless to say, yesterday was a good day overall. A few blips on the screen, but no downward spiral.

a pause

Take a moment and …..


I think the 4 wheel walker scares him a bit. He took about three steps and stopped and pushed it away. He’d rather hug a wall or the furniture to get from point A to point B. By the end of the day his hip was sore again and the limp very pronounced. Any mention of using either walker was met with a growl and push back.

He’s been up and down for most of the night with some vivid dreaming and talking, so I’m sure he will be initiating another discussion about his being able to drive and have access to the keys at some point today. We were able to redirect the conversation a bit last night, but he’s not ready to let it go or move on to other options that are available.

One positive for the day: He says he likes living here. Doesn’t want that to change.

wisdom or worries

Recognize the difference.


New day – new fixations. Lots of anger over a not perfect shave and haircut at the barbershop last evening. That set off the trail of ups and downs, not the best of dreams and opened a can of “worries” overnight. Sure hoping he’s worked through a bit of it in the past couple of hours while he has been sleeping.


Focus on this moment and take the next step forward.

Fixations — up during the night wondering why it was dark and was certain we had let him miss his appointment for a haircut.

His balance has improved some which is good and he is somewhat able to take care of some personal hygiene a little better at the moment. PT evaluation on Friday for progress and to make sure he can continue for another 6 week cycle to help build the muscle around the hip which is still very atrophied. He’s really hoping to dump “George” (his walker), which according to one dr was not sounding like it would be a possibility. We’ll see what the hip surgeon says next week.

be deliberate

Be deliberate in the choices that bring about change.

Much better day and night. Much quieter, and not quite so anxious. Thankfully, there was not a repeat of the night before. No bad dreams overnight. He was pretty reserved and the dreams were enough to scare him and not want to go to bed last night. I let him share his concerns and worries. The suggestion I shared for help moving past the dream, seemed to work last night.

He is enjoying his flower garden and the new blooms he sees along the drive and his chore of watering them is something he looks forward to. Now if the birds would come to his feeder, I think he’ll be even more content until his dog comes home for good in late September.