Frame it!

photo credit: Chris Designs

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  Dr. Wayne Dyer

Re-framing daily situations can turn your entire world from blank wall to a marvelous canvas of beauty  that can take you anywhere you want to go or the nowhere at all.  I enjoy seeing the pictures that grace a friend’s home – whether they’re family photos, artworks, or works of art by their children.  Even an empty frame on a wall or mantel piece allows you to breathe some Greatness into it — what will your choice be today?

from this point on…

“Reality is what it is, and conditions are what they are. What you expect of yourself and you expect for yourself will strongly influence what you make of your reality.” Unknown

You may not be able to change the moment, but you can influence what happens from that point forward by what you choose to do with that moment forward.  Be grateful for what you do have – regardless of the circumstance.  Look around and then, move forward with the following phrase:

“From this point on, I choose the greatness of …………”

we could all use a little polishing…

“Each time we are polished, we become a little more beautiful.” Hilary Weeks

There are times when things seem horribly hard or we seem to be knocking into walls every time we turn around — yet, when we stop to really look at it — it’s not really so.  These are merely  “stepping stones” to help us reach our potential.

The stones below in their rough and original form didn’t look this way — they had to be ground, chipped and polished to find their beauty — we too must find our way through everyday trials – some harder than others.

Precious Stones