Every day is a gift….  


It’s been a very challenging week. Mixed up memories – lots of “how can that be” moments. His yesterday was over 50 years ago. His last retirement was just moments ago and then, he raises the questions, asks for the current date.. can’t fathom the passage of time or the loss of friends and family when he can’t call and talk to them. He tells me often of visits and conversations he’s had with one or more family members who have passed away 15 or more years ago and how real they are. During more lucid moments, he knows things are mixed up and he recognizes that his memories are muddied up a bit.

The gift for this week is that he is still finding some good in every day — recognizing the blessings of having such an incredible life, a family that loves him and many wonderful and fulfilling memories that are still a part of his memory banks and a wonderful posterity to leave them with.


As you reflect on the small and simple things in your day, enjoy the pleasant memories that come to life for you again. 


Confusion and “missing pieces” are becoming a larger issue if yesterday’s repeated conversations are any indication of what is to come. Mom had already gone through this stage when we became her caregivers, so this is new territory for us with Dad. There are some memories that are jumbled up and he’s not able to connect the dots at this point and it’s both frustrating and confusing for him. After a short pause … and a short nap, we spent another couple of hours trying to pull some good memories from his long term memory bank and it was so nice to see the smiles and hear the joy in his voice as he shared a few childhood stories with me later last evening.

We have an appointment this morning with his PCP. It’s an annual check up and I’m sure that the dementia will be part of the discussion as it was part of the concerns listed for this appointment when completing the registration notes on Friday.

weeds or wishes?

time for a perspective check….


Some days it does come down on how you look at things. Again, even after a tough day because memory issues are all the more frequent, we stopped and did a reflection on what had gone well up to that point. We shared the accomplishments of the day and his ability to handle certain events very well and how his frustration in a specific moment didn’t end up with his getting angry or even more frustrated. It was interesting that he recalled something that had happened the night before and how that had been upsetting, but he had shifted the energy of the moment and was able to move on and not stew about things. Whether he’ll be able to do that the next time, is anyone’s guess, but the success of that moment and others is definitely something to be proud of and acknowledge and reflect. Mission accomplished for the day.

yes, You.

Be a believer in you.

Dementia is taking a tighter hold. It’s been a crazy week of ups and downs. Good days and bad. Lots of conversations. Finding details, dates and such. Grateful for the moments when you can see connections being made, even if it’s momentary and you know you’ll be repeating the information again and again — at least he isn’t ready to throw in the towel, yet. Today will be a good day, regardless.


Make every smile you share count!


Friendships — what fun it was to see a friendship renewed after a few years of not seeing each other. We’re hoping the visits will be frequent. What a blessing it was to see both of them laugh and reminisce and just enjoy the company and rekindling of a friendship that has lasted for a good number of years and through the loss of their wives. Despite the sadness of that shared experience the smiles lingered throughout the visit and as they parted company with plans to meet again soon.