Let the beauty within shine through your smile.

Breakthrough — at least it was yesterday. Asking for help is okay and the results brought about a few laughs, smiles and a likely to be forgotten promise that he’ll ask again when needed. He was really trying to be helpful, but couldn’t remember why he’d chosen to strip the bed at midnight and then remake it just a few minutes later. When he got up for the morning, he came and said, “I tried to make the bed, but I really fuddled it up. Will you fix it?” That was the first of several instances throughout the day where he asked for assistance — and wasn’t upset about having to do so. Smiles throughout the day and into the evening with a sincere thank you for listening and supporting him were shared with each member of the family in some shape or form.


Appreciate the gifts of each and every day.

If you get the chance, arise early and watch the sun rise…. or take a few moments during the evening hours and watch the sun set and the stars fill the sky.


Somedays are just hard — for everyone. I’m really hoping the disappointments from yesterday won’t fill today. He does enjoy a warm slice of freshly baked bread. I believe that might have been the highlight of the day.


Keep your heart open to ALL the possibilities.  


Confusion and dysregulation. Despite being in the same space, but my not being within his direct eyesight for a bit longer than usual, we saw some behaviors that haven’t been around for a long while. Once things were sorted out; his feelings expressed and validated, we were able to get things back on track and end on a good note.

life-long learning

Don’t shut the door to learning something new.

Fill in the blank.  Today I learned that I can  ____________________. 


Watch for the signs, then listen. The actions/behaviors he was exhibiting indicated that something in his “world” isn’t quite right. Listening to his concerns and what he thought as next steps helped him felt seen and heard. After a brief discussion as to next steps to resolve his concern, a plan was accepted and put into place immediately. You could almost see the anxiety drain away and relief enter in.