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Do you have a difficult time finding a quiet moment or feeling un-pressured by the course of your daily routines?  How often do we clutter up our space with the noise of the world or succumb to the overall busyness and fill with anxiety and let the pressure overtake us?  Then what happens when something stops – and your world is suddenly quiet?  Are you at a loss not knowing how to handle it?

I certainly hope not.  As frustrated as we can get when the internet goes down, or you lose cell service, a project is stalled or something else may ‘gum up the works” … maybe it’s a hint to stop and take a deep breath and look around us for those moments we’ll never experience again.  When did you last take the opportunity to watch the sun rise?  The sun set or the stars flicker to life in the nighttime sky?  See a flower turn to the sun?  Watch the clouds roll across the sky?  Enjoy a good book or a conversation with a good friend? Sewing, knitting, crafting or another favorite hobby?

There are a multitude of ways to reconnect — hear, feel, experience calm and peace more deeply.  Find yours and make it a part of your daily routine.  Let the calm invade your day fully.  You’ll be smiling more and the influence will ripple out to other areas of your life and may also impact others you come in contact with.

Find the calm in you today….





My word for the next few weeks is “aspire.”   My old Webster’s dictionary gives this definition:
1. to be ambitious (to get or do something lofty or grand); yearn  or seek after.  2. (Archaic)  to rise high; tower.

We all have aspirations and dreams. Yet, there are circumstances that may put us in a place where some of our dreams, goals and aspirations have to be put on hold for a time. The reasons are too numerous to even name.  I’ve been there.

There’s a part of me right now that is so excited… you see, today, I’m opening some of those old dusty boxes that have housed so many things for a good number of years; and I’m boldly stepping forward and dusting off a few of the old dreams and goals.  I’m looking them over and re-evaluating them.  Will they bring me happiness?  Will they allow me to be authentic?  Ah, a few can be trashed, while others revisited, revised and renewed.

I’m feeling blessed to know that I have the opportunity to reach again for dreams I thought would never present themselves again.  I felt I might have outgrown them.  Today, I learned that no, I haven’t outgrown them at all.  I’ve grown into them.

Is today your day to dust off your dreams and aspire?

all in a word

IMG_0099I’ve recently re-read John Gordon’s book, One Word.  It’s a great way to stay tuned in, if you will, to positivity and building inner wealth.  Your own and others.

Creating open doors and opportunities for self growth through positive self-talk as you live and breathe your ONE WORD each day.  Choose a word that will make a difference in who your are, set goals that will help you achieve the best version of that word.  Then, pick a time period;  a day, a week, a month or a whole year.  Let it be your gift of greatness to self and to those in your circle of influence.  Your impact can make a huge difference in your work, your health, your spirituality and more importantly, the changes you make will ripple out even further.
My word for February is being “present.”  Present in the moment and seeing what is going right and good and naming them in a journal to be more accountable. I believe this is a very precious gift I can give myself and my family. I’m amazed at all that’s happened so far and we’re only one week into the month.  I’ve accomplished more, listened more, felt more lived more fully in the last few days.  I hope to establish this as a way of living from this point on.

If you choose to take on the One Word challenge, I wish you well!

heart treasures


“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” Thornton Wilder

When was the last time you really dug deep and sought for the treasures that are in your heart?  Thorton Wilder

Treasures such as kindness, bravery, courage, compassion, unconditional love, individual worth?  Today, your challenge is to set aside 3 -5 minutes and look deeply at all that you are and name the qualities of greatness that you see and more importantly feel.  Set the stage for success by allowing yourself to quietly peer into your core.  Be prepared to write what you feel and honor in those moments.  You shouldn’t be discouraged or dismayed if only one or two words jump out — the more you practice seeking these words that define your greatness, the easier it will be become and the more you will see.

When you have finished this exercise, look at the words you’ve written on the page and pick one to focus on during the day.  And most importantly, as you complete your day, honor the moments you were that particular greatness, even if you felt a bit uncomfortable doing so.  Honor who you are… YOU ARE GREATNESS in a myriad of ways and each time you share your treasures with others you will get a return of 10 fold or greater.

Revisit this exercise of greatness frequently.  You won’t be discouraged because the greatness in you will continue to grow the more you practice and you’ll see more and more of who you are as well as see the greatness in others with more depth and beauty.  Begin today!

Today, I choose to be the greatness of gratitude. 

Make it a greatness filled day!



IMG_0042There’s a beauty and peace that surrounds you when you are “filled.”  Recently here in the United States, we celebrated Thanksgiving – a day set aside for giving thanks.  While we have personally experienced lots of ups and many downs over the past couple of years, this most recent Thanksgiving was one of truly being filled — emotionally and spiritually; giving thanks and gratitude more fully and deeply.  As we shared our gratitude around the table, I was overcome with the fullness of being filled — not with food, but with so much more.

Over the past year and a half we have been blessed to find steady work, maintain our health without insurance, build friendships, extend a helping hand, teach, share, learn, give and love more fully within our family and extend that out to our circles of friendship.  We have connected with friends from long ago and renewed relationships.

There is joy and so much more to be felt when you can reach out and live it!

Take a few minutes today and renew your gratitude! Make it an everyday thing — not just an obligatory once a year event.   Be grateful for the treasures you have and even those things you don’t have, but may desire — there is often a reason that it may not be in our grasp at this moment.  Be grateful for patience and the wisdom it takes to wait. Please know that we are grateful for each of you and your gifts that you bring to our table each and every day. Our life is FILLED!



no-spam“Filter out anything that doesn’t allow you to thrive, and fill your life with things that help you become all you strive to be.”  Soulseeds

Just as we may set filters on our computers to keep viruses from infiltrating or even our emails to keep the spam at bay, occasionally something may slip through and sadly, the damage is done.
When we do have the proper supports in place and are feeding our souls, hearts and relationships with the proper ” greatness nutrition,” it feels good to not have to worry all the time about the not so good stuff getting in — and we can continue to move forward in ways that we hope will continue to meet our goals and continue to support our greatness in a magnificent way.

Living in a state of….

“A state of affairs which leads to daily vexation is not the right state.” Goethe

When faced with a trying situation, we have a decision to make that will either lead us to misery or to a happier state.  It can be difficult to change the circumstances we are in, however, how we choose to react is our choice. Our choices can impact others as well. We can drag them with us into further despair, pain and misery or lift and create another level that puts us and others above the flack with a much different perspective. Today, I choose to live in the moment, reflect on the good and great rather than let the “seemingly big or little things” get to me.  I’m moving on…. will you join me?

Get Your Greatness On!

Destined for Greatness

Destined for Greatness (Photo credit: kristlemaria)

We’ve rolled into February and January sure sped right on by!  How many resolutions have you already completed or can you say you still have in the works for this year?  I’m hoping you’re still smiling as you read this and are thinking to yourself, my GREATNESS is shining because I’m still on track.  My goals of X,Y,Z are still in motion — maybe not totally where I would like to be, but I haven’t quit.  You know, that’s huge!  You’re still plugging away.  You’ve taken a stance, you haven’t given up.  You are determined, you have integrity to hold on to the dream and see it to fruition.  You ARE Amazing!  You ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS!  Hold on tight and don’t let go!

In years past, I probably might have thrown in the towel on most things by now… but not so this year.  I’m determined to hold steady and make a go of it.  Maybe it’s a matter of growing older and realizing that I need to finish up a few things and I only have so much time to get it all done in.  There are old dreams still to be accomplished, and life is to be cherished each and every day – and never ever to be taken for granted! And then again, maybe I’ve just grown a lot wiser…. or it’s a combination of both.  Regardless, it’s worth the effort.  ;)  And I’m sure blessed for doing so.

I can hear my friend saying now, “What does that say about your greatness?”  Ah, as I think about it — my greatness is shining in multiple ways, I’m not giving up on dreams and more importantly, I’m taking on new challenges — both with health and life in general.  I’m choosing to see these challenges specifically with a “heart lens” rather than a “mind lens” and the greatness blooms in multiplicity; regardless of the challenges in everyday things, there is always something to be great-ful for.

Since shifting to my new “lens” I’ve noticed a pattern of change – being able to accomplish more, and hone in where just a few months ago, that would have been impossible.  While still faced with some specific challenges, they no longer seem insurmountable.

Are you up to the challenge?  What’s your greatest dream?  Ever looked at it through your “heart lens?” Try it… the fresh look may give you a new perspective you’d like to see more of.  Get your Greatness on!

A Season of Joy and Love

Generally the holidays bring with them the hustle and bustle of commercialism and we get caught up with buying gifts, wrapping, mailing or maybe even doing online shopping and ensuring that the shipping of said gifts are taken care of. We plan parties or check our calendars often to make sure we can squeeze in one more event for our children, ourselves, our grandchildren or for work or church. At the end of it all, we’re exhausted and we Funny, Funny Mother has come to pass one more year again.

But with all the hustle and bustle, are we listening to those memories that come from our heart?  Those first stories we heard as children of the real meaning of Christmas – the reason of the season. A true celebration of Joy and LOVE.


December has always been a special month for me.  Traditions are important to many families – including ours. As empty nesters, we know that some of the traditions we had as a family our children have adopted and continue to do in their homes. Others, they are establishing of their own and what wonderful ones those are.

This year, we decided to establish a new tradition – and break an old one. We used to decorate the trees the day after Thanksgiving.  This year, we decided to hold off for a while and wait until after the first of December.  The trees are still not decorated.  You know, it’s okay.  I”m not devastated.  We didn’t turn on the Christmas music until the 1st of December, no hurry, no rush… there was a reason.  We wanted it to be for the right reason, not because the some commercials said to do so.

New tradition:  Elf on the Shelf!  We’re taking it a bit further than the norm.  Our elf is going to find greatness and report it – and not just to Santa.  He’s going to report it back to the person he sees doing it.  We want all of our family to be in on this.  It’s going to be an interesting experiment and we’re so excited that we already have something in place that allows us to make sure we can make that happen.  Our elf arrives on Tuesday and we’re so excited – the challenge will be naming him!

We have so much to be thankful for – and it definitely is a season of Joy and Love – one to be shared with family.  Start a new tradition with your family this year.  Let that tradition begin in your heart and spread outward.  Greatness begins in your heart.  Share the joy you feel this year with your family and friends by sharing a tradition, old or new.

To our collective greatness in the journey this Christmas season,

Karen Salmonsohan

You have it!

Karen SalmonsohanNot too long ago I was asked to share a message with some women in our church.  I generally incorporate a message about “Nurturing”  if the message has anything to do with families as this lesson did – and I often get the same response to a question when posed about how they feel about themselves.  Dead silence or the meek answer of “… many have low self-esteem.”  But no one shares the word “I” taking ownership of their own feelings – until we get deeper into the message and I share a story with them of my own from long ago.  It is then that their hearts become open — they begin to accept the message of who they are in a new and open way.  It is then that they  listen with new ears and they sit a little taller in their chairs. They begin to recognize once again WHO they are and just how precious and choice they are and accept some of their greatness again into their hearts.  You are a miracle!  You are a Gift!  Believe it!

Too often we neglect that side of ourselves.  We’ve forgotten how to accept a compliment without making an excuse for some vulnerability or shortcoming.  Today is your day to break free!  Honor the divine beauty that dwells within you.  That greatness and all the gifts you have to share.  Let them shine and glow.

My friend, Laurie, has written an excellent blog post again — I’d like to share it with you.  So stop by her blog again today and read it!  Greatness is glowing over there 100%!  Are you ready?  I hope you are.